An action hero is a form of protagonist who primarily uses combat to achieve his goals in a story. If there's something in his way, his main response is to beat it up. This could be because he doesn't have the patience or skills for any other method, or because he just doesn't have the time. He may use physical combat, brute strength, weaponry or mechas lay the beat-down on his enemies, but he'll always deliver it personally, no standing on the sidelines for this hero. Most of them have only this as a stragegy but they are some of these heroes who are very strageltic and clever.

Action Heroines are badasses who are female. They can fight their male friends without breaking a sweat, avoid being kidnapped, they break themselves out of trouble when int trouble. These girls can prove, with her very being, that girls aren't only not helpless and not so harmless, they kick ass and can be quite dangerous to their foes. These girls routinely and reliably gets in on the combat. And what's more, she wins.

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