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Dimitri is the Elder son of Dr. Blowhole, the older brother of Black Spawn, and Skulduggery and youngest brother of Falica. Dimitri is also the first hybrid (a half Human, half Denom). He invented his robotic friend, Chow as his butler.


  • Mother: Azula
  • Father: Dr. Blowhole
  • Wife: Rozalin
  • Butler: Benzy (aka Chow)
  • Sister: Falica Blowhole
  • Brother: Black Spawn
  • Half-Brother: Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Sister-in-law: Astra Spawn


Azula is pregnant with her and Blowhole's second child, which everyone believes will be a girl. Falica is at first enthusiastic about having a younger sibling. Eventually, the baby is born, and it is a boy, who they name Dimitri (wrapped in white cloth after he was born).

Twenty years later, Dimitri returns from the wars to meet with Dr. Blowhole. He named him Mr. Roboto his Power name. Dimitri built Benzy, his own robot as a guard. He fell in love with Rozalin, which he was kidnapped by his lust.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

As the Mr. Roboto, Dimitri outfits himself with a protective bodysuit that shields him from most minor impacts. He wields and a razor sharp blade on his right hand and a special gauntlet on his left hand that dispenses smoke which can provide cover for her movements as well as be used offensively. The razor blade, however, was vulnerable to acidic compounds. The Mr. Roboto "death's-head" mask has a built-in voice changer and a breathing filter. Presumably, the eye lenses contain some sort of night vision, since he is able to move somewhat freely amongst his own cover smoke. Dimitri Blowhole is a normal human. who has undergone extensive self-defense and martial arts training since his teens, making his a very capable hand-to-hand combatant whose skills have more often than not, taken even Kakashi by surprise. He is an excellent athlete and is still an active mercenary/vigilante at a fairly late age, making it obvious that he's stayed in fighting shape over the years.



  • Dimitri was originally planned as the son of Dr. Blowhole, but after realizing the incestuous undertones this would have had with his romance with Rozalin, it was scrapped and clarified that he had a relation to Dr. Blowhole.