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Zick from Monster Allergy

Ezekiel Zick (Ezechiele Zick in original Italian version) is a fictional character and the male protagonist in the comic book and animated series, Monster Allergy . In the animated series, he is voiced by Holly Gauthier-Frankel.


Zick is an Italian 12-year-old loner (10 in the comic book series) who is considered "strange" for his ability to see monsters others cannot see. He suffers from rather particular allergies that allow him to sense dangerous monsters. He has a strong and determined character, and will discover he has enormous powers. He still doesn't realize he is a Tamer and is destined to be a hunter of evil monsters. He will be tested to see if he can save the world of monsters, with the help of his best friend Elena.


As a Tamer, Zick has five Dom powers. These includes the Sight Dom, the Voice Dom, Gesture Dom, Enviro Dom, and the Energy Dom. His ability also increase by the Dom Glove to increase his Dom Energy from capturing four monsters, and gaining experience. At first, his Dom energy was red, in he was a second level with yellow Dom energy, and he reached third level with green Dom energy, and gained his own tele-skates.In the second season to the animated series, he became a fourth level Tamer with blue Dom energy.

Many have stated that he's very powerful even in a young age, and have defeated and captured different kinds of rare and dangerous monsters that no one have able to capture for so long.


Zick is likely to have a crush on his best friend Elena at some point in the series, and does care for her. When he doesn't want her to go with him for her safety, defending her when someone hurts or insults her nervously feel when she says she's his "mascot",giving her a twirl hug, sometimes letting her hugs him. Some of the characters in the series think that they have feelings for one another since they are always together. When Elena helps him turn back to normal, Zick writes Elena a letter in which he confesses his love for her. Unknown to Zick, Bombolo ate this letter before Elena ever got a chance to read it. After he was in an illusion of a fake future created by the Moog Magister and the Anguanes, he was happy to see Elena again and he hopes that she doesn't get married with Teddy. When Elena ask what did he mumble about, he told her that it wasn't important.

He also like a female Tamer name Lay Mamery that he always blushes whenever he sees and wave at her, and aware of Elena's jealously over her. He was annoyed when another Tamer name Bobby Clash, kept getting Lay's attention at first but ended up befriend him.