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George is the main protagonist of the Curious George series and movies. He is a little, intelligent, curious, innocent, cute, compassionate, tailless monkey, who is always up to something.

George's former nemesis was Junior George's best friends are Charkie the Dog, Allie Whoops, Hundley the Dog, Gnocchi the Cat, Jumpy the Squirrel, and Bill.

George's owner is The Man With The Yellow Hat, who tries to keep a close eye on George, but mostly always looses concentration. George is really just a curious normal little monkey, but he's not normal when he gets up to things.George is always asking questions to The Man With The Yellow Hat and his other friends.

George used to live in Africa with his friends, until he followed The Man With The Yellow Hat to New York City (where it was going to be his new home).

George is constantly very curious about many things (as his name implies), a trait, which helps George to learn, but which also often gets him into trouble.

George has brown fur and baige skin.

George . color of skin is brown

George .looks different in the books

George has an impressive proficiency in visual art (as well as a strong sense of natural beauty).

George is used as the "teachable" character in the series, and he is the one to whom new concepts are explained in detail by the other characters; the viewers learn the new concept along with George.

Bill always calls George a "silly kid".

George's favorite foods are bananas.

George resembles a chimpanzee. He is voiced by Frank Welker.