Gex 004 15580 640screen

Gex the Gecko is the main protagonist of the Gex series. He is addicted to television. and he is sent to defeat enemies, lead by the main antagonist, Rez.

We know of four of his family members those being his father (not actually seen but opening cinematics on the first game tell that Gex's father and ten human volunteers were killed in an accident when their rocket blew up on the launch pad - fans think someone must've put a bomb on it), his mother (again we don't actually see her in the game but we know that after Gex's father died, she fired everybody in NASA and sold the rockets to "some third world countries"), Rex (he is seen in all the ganes and he is a red Tyrannosaurus Rex and is Gex's Jurassic ancestor, he is frozen in a large ice cube by Rez but Gex pushed him to a fire. Like Cuz, he is playable on the bonus missions, where you have to collect 50 coinflies and finally we have Cuz, Cuz as his name suggests, is Gex's cousin he wears a tiki shirt and is overweight but apart from that looks like Gex.