a home of Heroes that apllies to Kakashi.

The Empire city

it was The Kingom for Kakashi.


Kakashi was married to Yuffie the found the second empty planet. they recriut Short Round, Toph, Raven, Moon Knight, Princess Peach, Victor Van Dort and Alf to help them build the Empire.Kakashi hired Rosette Christopher to bring more hereos and sidekicks. Instead she hired Cerebus, Gex The Gecko, Koda, George the monkey,and Daffy Duck. And another day Kakashi needs more heroes to builde the Empire, but there came is lots of Heroes (Sora, Kitana, Edward Elric, Cho Change, Zak Saturday,and lots more). The Empire is done. Kakashi pronounced them as the gaurds. years later many people form the other planets lived thier too. Inside the Giant castle Kakashi was Crowned to be King and Yuffie is crowned, too. The super heroes from the other univeres was award to the castle gaurds.

Role in Falica's OveractEdit

Falica and Dr. Facilier used their magic ability to hynotize all ther heroes, except for Kakash, Yuffie, Tigger, Death the Kid, Suigintou, Revy, Short Round, and Garnet til Alexandros XVII. During the first battle with the Titans, All the heoes was free from the curse was was sealed in the Triforce of protection.

The Members of the EmpireEdit


  • Tigger (Second-in-command/Duke/Count)
  • Yuffie (Queen/Empress/Duchess/Countess)

The Imperial GaurdsEdit

  • Miki Hashiba