The Vampire

'Reiri Kamura (嘉村令裡, Kamura Reiri) is a pure-blooded vampire, who walks freely under the sun and goes to school, of which she's seen as an idol there. She used to live in an abandoned church until it was burned down by other vampires after she opposed Kiniski, and helped a werewolf-- Riza Wildman-- in his castle to save Hiro Hiyorimi, on the orders of princess Lillianne, after Reiri was hand-cuffed together with Riza.


Reiri is a alluring and beautiful Vampire. She is always seen wearing a dark blue and/or black sailor fuku (with the exception of chapter 47, when she was years into the future-- she wore a corset over a white button-down shirt, a long dark skirt with a slit up the right leg, high heels, black tights, a shawl, dark lipstick, and a black choker tied in a bow). Her appearance does somewhat look vampiric, with long black hair down to her waist, blood red eyes, and her Vampire fangs are visible.


She is quite clever as shown when she and Hime are the first to understand the situation.She is often seen smiling and she is quite playful as shown by she teasing Hiro,much to Riza's annoyance.She hate ocean,river and lake like all of the Vampire as stated by her and her almost drowing in a lake.She also seem to have a guilty conscience when she abandon Hime and the other,which is not common for Vampire.She also love the blood of virgins, girls and cute guys.She also speak in a playful tone as a music note is often shown when she is happy.She too can be angry,as shown when Riza handcuffed her.

Powers, Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

Vampiric StrengthEdit

As a pureblooded vampire, she is stronger than most vampires, and doesn't have as many weakenesses as some of the other vampires. She is also quite adapted at hand-to-hand combat. Reiri can also fly.

Communicating with BatsEdit

Reiri can talk to bats and order them to spy for her. She also has a Familiar bat. She can turn herself into a bat, and regenerate.


Although Reiri is a pure-blooded vampire and isn't repulsed by garlic, crosses or sunlight, she still is afraid of water and can be killed by driving a white ash stake through her heart.