Sugisaki Miku's younger brother. He is in 1st grade and is first introduced in a joint recess with everybody. He's shown to bratty and selfish but looks up to his sister. He is a fan of the Gatchi Rangers and owns some of the show's merchandise; a blue jersey with the team printed on it and a belt. He also may harbor feelings for Hitoha; In episode 11, he gives her his Gatchi Rangers belt and runs away flustered, however, this could just be that Ryuuta admires Hitoha.


The little brother of Miku Sugisaki is a real Luv: arrogant, cocky and rude at that. From his mother he is obviously very spoiled because she claimed to have bought everything that he only wishes.Therefore, it is not particularly interested when his toy is screwed up, yes he would immediately supply.So pronounced his arrogance, that is even Mitsuba to nibble, has only to his sister, he seems to have a relatively normal relationship, even if the usual sibling disputes are not uncommon, of all others, he can be but ever basically say anything and has just left for her snippy comments.

He is also one almost as big a fan of the Rangers Gachias Hitoha and when he says of his favorites, he even acts like a regular guy and not like the spoiled brat that he can always hang out otherwise.==Personality== He seems to be sort of bratty and spoiled little kid who always get what he wants,because of that he does not treasure all of his belongings and this was teached by Hitoha to keep and treasure all of your stuff.


He, like his sister, has the same black hair but it does not curl like his sisters pigtail.He instead has a bit long spiky hair. He, like Hitoha, wears a Gachi Rangers Belt almost everyday.

Mother and Son

Sugisaki Ryuuta was adopted by Yuffie Kisaragi. After a few years, Yuffie started to feel guilty about adopting Ryuuta without the blessing of his real parents. Yufie was saying that she had already done that so far and that it would make no sense to stop now.