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Welcome to the The Lagacy Of Kakashi Wiki

This wikia proudly presents... Kakashi, Yuffie and their gang of Super Heores. It's my Property cause nobody Traspast, Intrude, or Sneak in This wiki. This Wiki is mine. I don't own any characters execpt the original characters.

Here are The Rules and Guidelines:

  1. No comments. As in, no leaving a comment on the pages. it distracts from the original page. if you want to say something, talk to me directly.
  2. No backlash/sassymouth/insults/anything negitive. being a jerk gets you kicked off and banished for good (or at least a year). Also, don't get cute and do something disrecpectful to the wiki like adding conversersal stuff or something offenceive to the wiki.
  3. If anyone that wants to join me, You have to loged on.(except you My wiki friends) I would not see anyone edit without an account.
  4. If you are intrested of here, You a to ask.
  5. If anyone is hacking my property, HACK SOMEWHERE ELES!!!!!

Now carry on.

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