The Legion of Doom is a group of supervillains known as The League Of Villains.

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The Black Castle of DeathEdit

The Legion of Doom's headquarters was the Black Castle of Death, a facility most often located in an anonymous swamp. The Black Castle was mobile, lowered below or raised above the swamp water's surface, and often flown through the air via rockets if needed, even remotely controlled. It also had laser defense weapons and at times was altered to time travel to the past or future. This Mansion is the main base of operations for the The Legion of Doom. The team lives here and makes plans for their next fiendish acts. Unfortunately, it is constantly under attack from heroes. The rooms in the mansion are as follows.


Main Legion of doom MembersEdit

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge
  2. Scratch and Grounder
  3. Oogie Boogie
  4. Mewtwo
  5. Dr. Blowhole 
  6. Marvin the Martian
  7. Azula
  8. Jack Spicer
  9. Sephiroth
  10. Wrath
  11. Impmon
  12. Nemisis
  13. Blackfire
  14. Marik Ishtar/Yami Marik
  15. Heather
  16. Kuja

Other membersEdit

  1. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness 
  2. Diva
  3. Haku
  4. Jason Todd
  5. Nefarious
  6. Selim Bradley
  7. Mephiles the Dark
  8. The Noid
  9. Alexia Ashford
  10. Darth Vader
  11. Ishizu Ishtar
  12. Bowser (On and Off)
  13. Lord Zedd
  14. Red X
  15. Skeletor
  16. Seifer Almasy
  17. Sloth
  18. Toshio Saeki
  19. Vladikoff
  20. Creed Diskenth
  21. Dr. Facilier (on and Off)


  1. Mai and Ty Lee (towards Azula)
  2. Lock, Shock, and Barrel (towards Oogie boogie)
  3. Lawrence (towards Dr. Nefarious)
  4. Facilier's Shadow (towards Dr. Facilier)